Combine Notes, Documents, Pictures and Office files

Need a tool to make good documentation such that you can distribute to others in a professional way?


With MiniOne it is fun to create notes, reports or documentation. Hyperlinking notes, docs and other data is a snap and does not take much more then a single right mouse click from the Treeview (inside the left pane).


Docs are the basis for hyperlinking all other data you store into your FileOne or DocOne. Each entry inside the Treeview can be used as an hyperlink. Any object like another doc, a note, a MS Word file, a pdf file or anything else can be used as an hyperlink too.


Each document can contain popup notes so there is no need to switch between different documents if you dont want to. Each document can contain a huge amount of text, images and hyperlinks. All editors inside MiniOne allow rich HTML text with extended formatting features. You create docs and notes like you do in any other word processor (no need to learn HTML at all).


Each document or note (actually all type of data) can be encrypted with a single right mouse click.


Do you need at least the same with more functionality then check DocOne (D1).


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