THINK DIFFERENT!! and FORGET MS-Word!! Create Notes and Documents like you should in the year 2017.

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Use FileOne (F1) to do all the same things you can do with MiniOne (M1)  and DocOne (D1) but integrate that with additional Email, Calendar and Contacts.

Product specs and differences between M1, D1 and F1


THINK DIFFERENT!! because…….

Why would you use MS-Word if we read so much from digital devices? Why can’t you hyperlink or encrypt with a single right mouse click your doc?  Why can’t you structure the index by means of drag and drop and why can’t you combine audio or video with it? Why do images need to fit in A4 or US Letter boundaries?  Why can’t you merge regular office files into your Docs? Why is there no easy way to insert and view pop-up Notes? Why does loading, saving and bowsing a huge doc so much time?


This is why MiniOne (M1) is invented.

MiniOne (M1) is a tool to make good Documentation and keep track of your Notes such that you can distribute to or share it with others in a secure and professional way.

With MiniOne (M1) it is fun to create Documentation, Notes and Reports or your personal knowledge base. Hyperlinking Notes, Docs and other data is a snap and does not take much more then a single right mouse click from the Treeview.


Each Doc can contain pop-up Notes so there is no need to switch between different documents if you don’t want to. Each Doc can contain a huge amount of text, images and hyperlinks. All editors inside MiniOne allow rich HTML text with extended formatting features. You create Docs and Notes like you do in any other word processor (no need to learn HTML at all). The built-in PDF generator creates a PDF by a press of a button for the selected Note or Doc.


MiniOne allows you to import regular office files (like Excel, Word, PDF, or other MS-Office/ OpenOffice/LibreOffice data) and to merge or combine that with your Docs.


You can encrypt each Doc or Note (actually all type of data) with a single right mouse click.

MiniOne stores everything in a superfast compact single file which you can share or distribute easily with anyone else using M1.


THINK DIFFERENT and start using M1 for 60 days free.


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