THINK DIFFERENT!! and allow real integration of Notes, Documents, Pictures, Office files, Multimedia, Web browsing, Email, Contacts and Calendar into ONE single desktop app using only ONE single File.... COMPACT, DISTRIBUTABLE and SUPERFAST.

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Use FileOne (F1) to do all the same things you can do with MiniOne (M1)  and DocOne (D1) but integrate that with additional Email, Calendar and Contacts.

Product specs and differences between M1, D1 and F1


THINK DIFFERENT!! because…….

Why would you not use a tool that really integrates the most functions you use on desktop based day by day basis? Why would you use so much different programs? Why are these programs not integrated at all? Why do we need so much different Windows? Why do we get so much options while we use only 5% of them?


This is why FileOne F1 is invented.

With FileOne (F1) you can create rich Notes and Docs which you can hyperlink to each other with a single right mouse click.  You can then Email those Notes and Docs with the built-in Email client secure to anyone of your Contacts (which you also maintain with F1).


But you can use F1 for more then just making Notes, Docs and for Email.  Documentation with audio and video is much richer and much better to understand for yourself and public. That is why you can import  Multimedia data into F1.  You can then combine (again  with a single right mouse click) Notes, Docs with Audio and Video.


Indeed, F1 contains a built-in audio and video player. It even contains a Online Radio Station Player from which you can record into your F1.

F1 contains a web browser too (based on Chrome) that allows browsing the web in private or relaxed mode.  The built-in browser allows you to bookmark and download data (straight into your F1).


As all Treegonizer products, everything is centered around a Treeview.  You can edit, view, play, hyperlink, move, drag, drop, copy, encrypt, import or export anything inside or from the Treeview (again with a single right mouse click).

The Treeview allows you to import regular office files (like Excel, Word, PDF, OpenOffice/LibreOffice data) too which you can (again with a single right mouse click) hyperlink to each other.

When you want to share Treeview parts and related data with somebody else you create (with drag and drop) an F1 Package and email that secure with the built-in email client to anyone else using F1.


Notes, ToDo’s, Reminders, Docs, email, contacts, audio, music, bookmarks, office files, documentation, movies……. you can have it all inside F1.

Structure, hyperlink and sharing cannot made more easy then this.


THINK DIFFERENT and start using F1 for 60 days free.


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