FileOne treegonizer - An organizer that combines and integrates your notes, documents, contacts, email, photo's/images, calendar and agenda with multimedia.


FileOne is an organizer based on a tree you structure yourself the way you want and as deep as you want.


FileOne is not a regular organizer like other organizers. It is made to speed up things like the way you work but makes it easier too. It does not mimic EverNote, does not mimic OneNote or simple note-taking apps at all.  But you can use it as an alternative.

FileOne combines the best you use the most, into a single tabbed desktop app, a single scalable file (can start small and grow to huge size) with a single GUI and has more features than any of the other organizers.

FileOne data can be shared, stored, copied and backuped to everything that is supported by Linux, macOS and Windows.


Think different! aims at a mindset change because:

Why would you use 8 up to 12 different programs not integrated at all if you can use 1 with tight integration instead?

That is why FileOne F1 is invented.

THINK DIFFERENT and start using F1 for 60 days free.

Check the differences and see all features.


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