Combine Notes, Documents, Pictures, Office files, multimedia, a webbrowser, email with calendar and contacts.


Use FileOne (F1) to do all the same things you can do with MiniOne (M1)  and DocOne (D1) but integrate that with additional Email, Calendar and Contacts.


When you want to share Treeview parts and related data with somebody else, create with drag and drop an F1 Package and email that with the built in email client to anyone else using F1.


The email client can be used to send and recieve anything. Everything inside your F1 can be sent with a single right mouse click from the Treeview. No need to switch between your file manager, email client and other software. It is all there integrated into one single app…. FileOne.


F1 create contacts automatically based on email that comes in. This means that you do not have to manage your in and outboxes anmymore (but if you want to, you still can). You can add Notes, images and other data to any Contact inside F1. Contacts as well as their email can be placed anywhere inside the Treeview. F1 allows import and export of Contacts too from Google, Microsoft or any other email service or software.


The built in Calendar is there to keep track of your work and meetings and is tightly coupled with the Contacts inside your F1.


Notes, ToDo’s, Reminders, Docs, email, contacts, music, bookmarks, office files, documentation, mvies……. you can have it all inside F1. Structure, hyperlink and sharing cannot made more easy then this.

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