Combine Notes, Documents, Pictures, Office files with multimedia and a built-in webbrowser

If MiniOne (M1) is too basic in use for you then consider DocOne. DocOne has the same functionality as MiniOne but is extended with an internet browser, a download manager, a bookmark manager and a multimedia player.


Use DocOne (D1) to do the same as MiniOne with the addition of built-in multimedia (audio, movies and music) and webbrowser support.


Browse the web for anything you like or need for personal fun or educational/instructional goal. Download and merge all into your DocOne. No more hassling with individual files scattered all over your desktop or file system. Store, structure , hyperlink and intergrate everything together when you want and how you want.


Today sending boring Word documents is not the way you should document anymore. Good documentation contains images (not restricted to US Letter or A4 paper size bounderies), audio tracks as well as small movies (both for educational, instructional or personal fun based ones).


Index of contents at the beginning of a Word file? What, in 2017?!


Use DocOne to make it visually clear by means of a Treeview and the hyperlinks you came up with. Create a D1 Package of your Treeview and corresponding data with drag and drop and share that same D1 Package secure with other users of D1 and let them add notes, images or other data. Let them restructure that to their own needs and comfort.


Do you need contacts, email functionality and agenda as well?  Then check FileOne (F1).


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