Why would I use it? Everything is fine I already work with

Why would I use it? Everything is fine I already work with!

During the development of FileOne, DocOne and MiniOne I did not realize that it would be that difficult to persuade people to try or even use one of the aforementioned products. After all the way I work is good enough you might think. Why should I switch or change the way I work? I don’t have a problem you might think.

FileOne is an organizer that differs from other organizers (multi platform for Linux, Windows and macOs, hybrid documentation and notes (with audio, music and video), email client, contact manager, images, simple encryption, sharing facilities, internal web browser and download manager, free form treeview that can be structured the way you want, storage engine, watchdir for auto imports, single file DB for all data, fast (even with hundreds of thousands of objects) and small).

Note: I will use FileOne in the next text but it applies in many ways to MiniOne and DocOne too.


During talks with other people who are reluctant or hesitating trying or using FileOne, the following reasons not to try/use FileOne, came up:

  1. it can do too much
  2. it changes they way I work
  3. the tools I work with are fine, I do not need anything else.


To begin with: FileOne is an organizer. There are many organizers but of course FileOne differs from them. The fact that there are organizers means there is a market for them. EverNote and OneNote are 2 of the biggest commercial examples. There is no reason to think that there is no place for FileOne.

Let me address the “wrong” reasons not to use FileOne.


1) it can do too much

This feeling comes by when you look at the functions it gives you. The core reason why FileOne was developed is indeed to do much more then any other tool but not just for the sake of it. Think different: why would you use 12 programs not really integrated when you can do it with just 1 where all is really integrated instead. It sounds like: I can choose to travel to Rome using 12 different transport services or just 1 and I chose for 12 different ones……. well…. that doesn’t make sense.

FileOne does not do more than all the 12 different tools you use today. As a matter of fact, those tools can do much more then FileOne when you sum all their functions up…… and you are not complaining about them! They all combined do too much! I know that from each tool you use today, you only use between 5 or 10% on average (Word, Excel and your web browser are examples of such products).


2) It changes the way I work

It does not change the way you work with the 2 exceptions mentioned below:

a) because it has real integration of all functions it does let you work faster, opens less windows, lets you search less for files with your file manager and lets you relate, group, hyperlink, email and share data easier.

b) files/data stored inside FileOne can be changed with their native programs. For example a Word file can be changed with Word and saved. During the save it is saved automatically inside your FileOne DB (not your file system as seen by your file manager).

For the rest: you know already how to drag, drop, move, select, copy, insert, format (Bold, Italic, Underline, indent, outdent etc etc) objects (like files) and text since that does not differ from Linux, macOS and Windows applications (albeit inside a single portable file).


3) the tools I work with are fine, I do not need anything else

Mankind did not came where it is today without trying new things.

You are not forced to try something new like FileOne. If you are convinced that your tools are fine AND if you do not want to know whether you can work easier and faster or not then do not read any further and keep using your tools you are happy with. This is about Think Different too. You cannot know that the way you work is awkward without trying something new like FileOne.


As you can see, it really is not that different and yes you might benefit from using it.

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Updates are under way! ;-) New features, easier and faster to realize things and indeed bug fixes.