Think Different: Hints and Tips using MiniOne, DocOne or FileOne

Think different Hints and Tips

Think Different is about trying to change the mindset on how we use office tools for the desktop.

Why would you use 12 different not really integrated programs/tools if you can do it with One desktop tool using a single superfast portable File.

For example: do you want to travel to Rome in 12 different ways or travel in a single straightforward way?

Most people want to use a single straightforward way and that is exactly what this is all about.

These are some hints and tips for using MiniOne, DocOne or FileOne (so called Treegonized products available at

These 3 products are centered around creating portable and secure platform independent (for Linux, macOS and Windows) Docs and Notes combined with Images, Multimedia (audio, video and playlists) and regular Office files (like Word, Excel, PowePoint and PDF files). Don’t tell me that you still use Word!!

The most simple version (MiniOne/M1) gives a desktop tool for making project or technical documentation or the use as a knowledgebase for personal (fun/homework or study) or for business needs.

FileOne/F1 (the most advanced extended version) is a desktop tool that allows you to do even more and combines Notes, Documents, Contacts, Email, Calendar, Web browsing, Images/Pictures, Screenshots, Music tracks, Online Radio Stations, Video’s and regular Office files

On top of that it allows you to:

  1. easily (the way you want) structure,
  2. easily hyperlink and relate Notes, Docs, Office files with each other and/or multimedia and emails)
  3. easily encrypt,
  4. easily edit, view, play and share (secure)

all that same data in a very simple and easy to understand manner.

The hints and tip

  • Use the New buttons on each tab to create a new corresponding object (Document, Note, Email etc etc) and to Activate the Editor inside the select tab (or use shortcut keys)
  • Use a right mouse click inside the Treeview, the Active Editor and the built-in web browser to see the menu functions available
  • Use the Main Search Field (at the upper left corner) to search for built-in help topics or for anything inside your data). For example search for Keyboard Shortcut to get a list of shortcut keys you can use inside the program.
  • Use the Ctrl-Shift-K keyboard shortcut to quickly create a keyword tag for the selected item inside the Treeview. You can then instantly switch to the items you have tagged (no matter how big the tree is) from the Main Search Field at the uper left
  • To create a shortcut (a bookmark) of the current selected Treeview item press Ctrl-Shift-B (you can then copy and move that to any location inside the treeview as much as you want)
  • Use drag and drop to create hyperlinks (drag items from the Treeview to the Active Editor to insert hyperlinks at the place the cursor was most recently)
  • Use drag and drop from your file manager to the Active Editor to:
    A) copy the data into your DB and B) create a hyperlink automatically
  • Change the looks with Ctrl-G-5 shows shows the editor and view tab only (without buttons) as a less distractive GUI
  • Ctrl-G-A shows All back again
  • Play with Ctrl-G-1 up to Ctrl-G-6 to see what dialogs you can get, remember that Ctrl-G-A show All back again
  • Use Ctrl-Shift-U to insert an URL inside the Active Editor
  • Use Ctrl-Y to delete the selected item from the Treeview
  • Use drag and drop from your file manager to the Active Editor to insert images
  • Use the Open link under mouse inside the built-in web browser to open a link that does not open (as a pop-up)
  • Use drag and drop from your file manager to the Main Search Field to copy files and data into your DB
  • Hover your mouse over buttons and fields and wait a second to get Help for the field or button your mouse is
  • Download your fav videos using the built-in web browser (right mouse click inside neutral space of the Youtube page and select Try download of playing video… and be patient)
  • Use the ws: command inside the Main Search Field to search the internet instantly (for exampe ws: Disco Music will give you the Google search results inside the built-in web browser for everything related to Disco Music
  • Record from your fav online radio stations into seperate music tracks using the Record button
  • Use Ctrl-Shift-M to email the select item inside the Treeview
  • Select the Bookmark this page from the right click pop-up menu inside the built-in web browser to bookmark the webpage you have open
  • Use drag and drop/cut and paste inside the Treeview to structure the Treeview the way you want.
  • Use the Enable Plugins option (from the right click pop-up menu) inside the built-in web browser to watch movies and play audio tracks
  • Use the Browse less restrictive option (from the right click pop-up menu) inside the built-in web browser to allow cookies and enable plugins.
  • Insert a local file or web URL using Ctrl-Shift-U inside the Active Editor
  • Generate instantly PDF files from the Active Editor/Viewer and or built-in web browser using the PDF button
  • Use Ctrl-F7 and Ctrl-Alt-S to create and save a selective screencut from the current webpage inside the built-in web browser
  • Share your Treeview and corresponding data like Docs, Notes and multimedia (secure/encrypted) with anyone else using MiniOne, DocOne or FileOne by creating a package (use the orange F1 button for that).
  • Encrypt selective data by a single mouse click (just check the Encrypt function on each tab available).
  • Exchange your data between Linux, MacOS and Windows easily (edit and read the same data on Linux, MacOS and Windows).
  • Easily make backups of your data by copying a single file (your MiniOne, DocOne or FileOne.DB) to a USB drive, the cloud or anything else that can store data files.
  • Easy Store a few dozens up to hundred thousands of files and objects into your single file DB
  • Relate, hyperlink and shortcut your data together fast, easy and instantly.



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Updates are under way! ;-) New features, easier and faster to realize things and indeed bug fixes.