Treegonizer opened, release of new versions

New website

FINALLY! daxLAB Limited is happy to announce that Friday 22 2017 will be the first day for

Treegonizer is a more advanced website (compared with and will also start the sales of FileOne, DocOne and MiniOne worldwide.

The name Treegonizer is more or less a combination from organizing by treeview where everything is “treegonized” so to speak.

Distributor daxLAB Limited will in the near future withdraw the website.


Release of new versions

Version 2.7.8g has been released for Linux, macOS and Windows.

—-Update 18 sept 2017 v278g (MiniOne, DocOne and FileOne)

  • Updated youtube downloader to version 2017-09-15 in order to download movies again.
  • Updated the GUI such that M1, D1 and F1 all display well on low res screens and high res (4K) screens.
  • Removed a bug (related to high res screens) that did not properly show Music tracks tab.
  • Removed a bug (related to high res screens) that did not properly show Online Radio Streams tab.
  • Removed a bug where generating a .pdf from an image without a document crashed the program.
  • Removed a bug where trying to edit an empty document from the View tab crashed the program.

Note: F1, D1 and M1 are only in 64bit versions available.


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Updates are under way! ;-) New features, easier and faster to realize things and indeed bug fixes.