MiniOne, DocOne and FileOne: Philosophy and differences


MiniOne, DocOne and FileOne are developed with only 1 personal goal in mind. Squash the number of programs to simultaneous work with into a single easy to use program. That was the basis to start development. Additionally during development I added 4 more goals.

  1. The program must be such that has more integrated functions (work together) than any other program out there (on the Internet).
  2. The program must be scalable (must easily deal with small amounts of data and huge amounts of data while keeping fast).
  3. The program must be able to run on different OS platforms Linux, Microsoft Windows and Linux.
  4. Look and feel as well as data exchange between the different OS platforms must be flawlessly and transparent.

And during that I was faced with the competition, they had/have software for online and mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. I focused on desktop programming in the first place because the development environment (tools to program M1, D1 and F1) did not allow me to program for Android and iOS. Besides that, most people use a laptop to do serious work and not a mobile device (despite what many people do want us to believe). How many people have you seen making complete documents, sheets and emails with attachments on a mobile device? Sure that will change and some of us do use the phone or tablet more prominent than a laptop or notebook but look around….. the real world for real serious work is laptop or notebook based.


And even then….. on those devices little or nothing is really integrated (in terms of use, compared to what M1, D1 and F1 do).

Am I against the cloud? Yes and No. What I’m against is that so many people believe that their data is safe on a server of a stranger (with commercial interests in your data). I’m against storing data online but I’m not against using the cloud. On the contrary, I, you, we should use he cloud for device to device communication. That means in my terms of use that F1 on a laptop can talk to an F1 instance running in a mobile device. They exchange data over the cloud but do not store it there for along time period or even better do not store data at all inside the cloud. Maybe we use it to stage data temporarily (as short as possible) to copy/exchange/sync data between 2 or more devices but that is fundamental different than keeping all of your data online all the time.

And tell me what good does it do to have such CPU power on a mobile device when we only use a HTML window to the cloud and leave all work power inside the cloud? Exactly!! We have power beyond our needs on our mobile devices UNLESS we use it. I’m not a fool so I’m also working in desktop programs for the mobile devices.

Yes desktop programming for the mobile devices to store data offline inside your tablet or phone, that is my vision. But though working in it, it takes time and I’m using tools that not many have used world wide for mobile development.

So for now what can you do with M1, D1 and F1? What are the real differences?

The base for all 3 programs is that they can be used to create, store and view Notes, documentation and images. All data inside M1, D1 or F1 can be hyper linked to each other and all data can be encrypted on a per object basis.

Base functions for M1, D1 and F1

  • Create popup notes.
  • Create documents.
  • Store images.
  • Store office files.
  • Use a Treeview to structure your data (notes, documents, images and office files).
  • Encryption.
  • Hyperlink functions to make Notes and Docs have hyperlinks to each other or any other object (like office files) inside M1, D1 or F1.
  • Sharing facilities to share parts of the Treeview and corresponding data with other users of M1, D1 and F1.


The differences

MiniOne (M1) is:
Notes, Documents, Images, Office Files

DocOne (D1) is:
MiniOne + multimedia (moives, audio, music) + web browser + downloader

FileOne (F1) is:
DocOne + Contacts + Email + Agenda/Calendar

MiniOne does not have multimedia, does not have a web browser, does not have contact, email and agenda/calendar.

DocOne does not have contact, email and agenda/calendar.

FileOne does have them all.

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Updates are under way! ;-) New features, easier and faster to realize things and indeed bug fixes.