Document, Email, Organize, Play and Share
The only One organizer in the world that can be custom made!
The EverNote and OneNote alternative for Linux, macOS and Windows!

Organize, Play and Share!

A single tool, 1 application, small and fast to manage notes, todo's, documents, email, contacts, images, music and videos or movies..... fully integrated.

Yes, it's that easy. So let's go, and download FileOne!

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In the world of today we read more from electronic devices then from paper. Now why would you still stick to the old awkward page size of A4 or US letter?  All Treegonized products don’t know about these old fashion boundaries (but they can if you insist).

Forget Word! Create your Notes and Documents with M1, D1 or F1 and distribute or share them (optionally with audio/video). It is like your own portable compact Wiki but much easier and more versatile.


For organize, play and share Documents, Notes, Images and Office Files.


For organize, play and share Documents, Notes, Images, Office Files, Multimedia (Online Radio stations, Audio, Music, Movies) and Web browsing.


For organize, play and shareDocuments, Notes, Images, Office Files, Email, Agenda, Multimedia (Online Radio stations, Audio, Music, Movies) and Web browsing.


About custom made
The only one organizer in the world that can be custom made, tailored to your needs.


A short overview of features available

  • Do it easy and quick, forget Word and pdf!
  • Make Notes, ToDo’s and Reminders
  • Create Documents, Reports, Brochures
  • Save and merge with Drag and drop your Office files with other data
  • Edit and encrypt your Office files when you want
  • Search easy and extremely fast through all your data
  • Freely structure all your data with the Treeview and hyperlinks
  • Instant PDF generation of Docs, Notes and Webpages.
  • Import and play multimedia Music, small movies and online radio stations.
  • Record from online Radio stations and from video websites
  • Encrypt and protect your data
  • Share your data secure and easy with other macOS, Linux and Windows desktop users
  • Browse and download from the internet
  • Hyperlink and structure all data the way you want.
  • Send and receive good looking email
  • Keep track of your time.
  • Use as a desktop alternative for OneNote, EverNote and Outlook Express.
  • Run it on macOS/Mac OSX, Linux and Windows and exchange data between them
  • Use it as a program launcher
  • Use it as as Personal knowledge base
  • Use it as a Shared knowledge base
  • Multiple WYSIWYG Editing and View tabs
  • A special version (on request) for self employed persons contains an Invoice generator.

Where OneNote and EverNote work with loosly coupled integration to office suites (like Outlook combined with Microsoft Office) is everything tight integrated into a single user interface in DocOne and FileOne. No need to mess around with multiple windows and programs. And where OneNote and EverNote become slow when used with huge amounts of Notes and complex structuring, are DocOne and FileOne extremely fast.

24Lifetime subscription
  • - All the features of FileOne, except e-mail client.
48Lifetime subscription
  • - Including e-mail and multimedia applications.
5Lifetime subscription
  • - Notes & documentation


Encrypt and secure data

Encrypt and secure data

Why take chances? With FileOne and DocOne, you can easily encrypt your data, so it's safe for unwanted strangers. Just select the data that needs to be encrypted, click- and done! No more to it.

Safe precious time

Safe precious time

Sure, you can use up to 12 programs to do your tasks, but why should you? FileOne makes it easy. No more switching between screens, just use 1 screen for all! Yes, it's that easy!

E-mail made easy

E-mail made easy

With FileOne, you can also e-mail directly from the application. No more clicking around from word, to oulook, to excel and back to outlook. None of that! Just one screen, easy does it.

Every platform supported

Every platform supported

Do you work with Windows, Mac or even Linux? FileOne, DocOne and MiniOne work on Windows, MacOS and even Linux! Compatibility issues are something from the past.